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In 2001, parents of Della Lamb Elementary Charter School students had this to say in Lamb Legislative Impact Grams, a publication prepared for Missouri legislators:

From Clela, parent of a fifth grader:
"For too long, children have been pushed aside by the school district while they opted for shiny new buildings instead of paying good quality teachers enough to keep them. Finally, an affordable alternative is available to parents who want the best for our kids (just as much as wealthier parents do for their children) and it is being threatened. For the first time in 12 years, I feel my child is safe at school and coming/going: my child is learning at school; and that my child is important to every last staff member at school; and not just one of 27 other 5th graders. Please don't take this option from my child and many other good paents cared for by Della Lamb!"

From Gloria, parent of a fifth grader and a kindergartener:
"Della Lamb Charter is a great school. I have two children there participating in small classroom learning, One of my children there has a learning disability and the teachers there are really working with him and his ability to learn so far has has tremendously improved in all his class subjects, I would like to see this bill pass."

From Rosalind, parent of a second grader and kindergartener:
"I decided to enroll my child at Della because of all the good things I heard about the charter school."

From Latoshal, parent of a third grader and first grader:
"I feel that Della Lamb is giving my kids a good education and that the kids love going there. I also appreciate very much that the bus comes to the house and picks them up, and that the school has after school care so that they can be picked up after I get off work."

From Monique, parent of a third grader and second grader:
"This is the one school that my children have attended and the teachers did not come to me with just a problem my children were having but they also came with a solution and very quickly. I am very pleased with the concern of the teachers and they seem to make it their business to know each student by name. I am also thankful for my children being able to attend this school. Public school passed my son to the fourth grade but never saw he was not understanding fourth grade or even third grade tests or work."

From Shaunte, parent of a second grader and kindergartener:
"My child has been enrolled at Della since 9/2000 when he started 2nd grade. I decided to enroll Malik also into kindergarten. I didn't want them to attend KC public schools. I have been very satisfied with my children's progress at Della.

Jante could barely read when he first started. Not only has he excelled at reading but also in math. Malik is in kindergarten and can read whole sentences. I feel that having the smaller teacher-student ratio is also a big advantage. The school's staff knows myself and my children. Having year-round sessions is also an added plus. Now I no longer have to worry about what to do with my four sons or what and if they'll eat anything while I'm at work.

I also have another child who attends charter school. And my youngest will be attending Della come the new school year. I could not have asked for a better school. I only wish they could attend from K-12. I believe that the new charter schools are a blessing to the KC area. There is so much more potential with this system."


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